LeBron James Shoe Size


There is no doubt that Lebron James is one of the best basketball players to have ever lived. And people have had this thought ever since he was in High School with Saint Vincent Saint Mary’s. And has been argued as the greatest of all time by many basketball fans. And the conversation seems to always be between him, Michael Jordan, and even some who believe Kobe Bryant. 

Lebron James is a position less basketball player who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers. He could play anywhere from point guard to center if the team needed him to. And at 6’8 and weighing 250 pounds, it makes it easy for him to guard everyone. 

Lebron James Shoe Size

Lebron does not have gigantic feet when compared to some other NBA players, he’s actually just right above average, but he does have really big feet for the average person.

What Size Shoe Does Lebron James Wear?

The average shoe size of an NBA player is 14.81 and Lebron James wears a size 15 shoe. So that puts James’ shoe size slightly larger than average. However, the average male shoe size is only 10.5, so he’s much larger than the average male. But the average male is also only 5’6 and he’s 6’8… so use that bit of information how you’d like. 

LeBron James Feet Compared

Compared to some other superstars Kevin Durant wears a size 18, Steph Curry wears a 13.5, Luka wears a 16, and Giannis wears a 16. 

But when you look all time… players like Shaq wore a 22(!!) That’s massive.

But I think between Lebron, Kevin Durant, and Luka Doncic that having bigger feet doesn’t necessarily mean much athletically. Lebron is one of the most athletic people of all time, Kevin Durant moves as swiftly as anyone in the NBA, and Luka has one of the best speeds of all time.  

So though you may think big feet make you clumsier, I think that these athletes can show that it may not affect as much as you think.

LeBron James´ shoe size is slightly larger than the average size for NBA players, but this has not hindered his performance on the court. In fact, James´ size and strength have often been seen as an advantage, allowing him to overpower and outmaneuver smaller players. James´ versatility as a positionless player has also allowed him to excel at various positions on the court, including point guard, shooting guard, small forward, and power forward.

While some may assume that bigger feet equate to clumsiness, LeBron James´ success on the court demonstrates that this is not necessarily the case.

Are LeBron shoes true to size?

The fit and sizing of LeBron James´ signature shoes may vary depending on the specific style, model, and materials used in the construction of the shoes. Additionally, the fit and sizing of any shoe can also depend on the wearer´s foot shape, size, and personal preferences. Some people may find that LeBron James´ shoes fit true to size, while others may need to go up or down a size or half size to achieve a comfortable fit.

It is generally recommended to try on shoes in person or order multiple sizes to determine the best fit.