How to Play Basketball


 Basketball is a beautiful game to watch and play, but there is so much work that goes into making it a beautiful and graceful game. People that you see playing on TV don’t just show up and play the game and it looks so easy and fun. 

Learn the Fundamentals of How to Play Basketball

The only way to get to that point is to start from the ground up and build your game off of a handful of fundamental skills. Skills like dribbling, shooting, passing, defending, and pivoting. When you learn how to do all of these properly then you can begin to take the next steps in your basketball journey such as learning the rules...

How is basketball played step by step?

A great first step would be to find a professional to work with. If you have a trainer in your area that is awesome! However, if you don’t or they are simply too expensive for you to see we recommend using our online basketball trainers. 

Our online basketball trainers have worked with people of all ages and skill level, from an NBA player to a 4 year old just learning the game. 

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Learn How To Play Basketball With Us

Mastering Proper Shooting Techniques

The first thing to do is for a player to try and learn how to shoot. Now this isn’t the easiest thing in the world and it could be frustrating for a new basketball player. Struggles are going to occur and it´s going to get uglier before it can get pretty. But if you stay with the process then you at least have a chance to be really good when it matters most. 

You can work with our shooting coach for more tips or check out our social medias where we release tips from time to time in order to help people get better. 

Developing Fundamental Skills

Just like everything else you can’t just go out and do and expect to be a pro. It takes time and dedication along with an understanding of what it takes to be good and how you can do it most efficiently. 

  • Perfecting Ball Handling and Dribbling

Along with shooting these are the two most important skills in basketball. The best shooter will always play, and if you’re the best ball handler you’ll always play too. 

The thing about ball handling is that it helps all areas of your game. The better you can physically handle the basketball the better dribbler you’ll be, the better shooter you’ll be, the better passer you’ll be, and the better catcher and finisher you’ll be. It helps everywhere. 

  • Mastering Passing Techniques

Passing is one of the most underrated skills. People think they can never practice it and somehow still be good at it. Practice passing to targets and trying to hit them, if you don’t hit them keep going until you can do it consistently. Good dribbling and passing lead to good shots which leads to a whole lot more points and wins for your team. 

  • Enhancing Defensive Skills

Defense is a skill that takes some understanding, but for the most part you just need to try and work on being more athletic. The faster you can go side to side the better you’ll be at defense. So work on becoming quicker and you’ll be able to stay in front of your defender. 

  • Shooting, Shooting, and Shooting

This is the obvious one and was listed above. But we had to list it again to make you understand just how important it is. There are players in the NBA who are making millions and millions of dollars just because they are able to shoot the ball well. They don’t do a whole lot else well, but they make a lot of their shots and they get paid accordingly.


Mastering the game of basketball demands a focus on the fundamentals: dribbling, shooting, passing, defending, and pivoting.

With dedication and practice, players can hone their all-around skills. Seeking guidance from professional trainers can accelerate progress, particularly in shooting techniques. Developing strong ball handling enables players to excel in various aspects of the game.

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Mastering passing creates scoring opportunities, while enhancing defensive skills requires athleticism and understanding. Embracing the transformative journey towards basketball mastery is a rewarding pursuit. Let´s get better together!