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My Basketball Academy has helped many players like you of all ages, from youth basketball players to players who are currently playing professional.

Our Online Basketball Trainers will give you the perfect combination of drills, feedback, and competition that you need to earn more minutes on the basketball court.

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  • Make more Shots ( 10k makes in a month)
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  • BE IN THE 3% - Get a Scholarship
  • Score More Points 
  • Perfect your Shooting form (Proven Drills)

My Basketball Academy offers all of this to anyone that REALLY wants to take their basketball skills to the next level. For the price that is less than 1 hour with a quality in person trainer and for that price you get access to us for a whole month so that YOU can reach your potential!

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¨Didn’t Make My Team This Year¨

I think the most disappointing thing in the basketball world is to work really hard to get better and then try out for a team and not make it.

It’s heartbreaking to miss out on the chance to play for your team whether it´s your school team or an AAU team, it doesn’t matter, it hurts all the same.

What if we told you that missing out on the team this year could be good for you and your future?

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Not all cases are like this, but look at Michael Jordan. Not making the team could put you in a mindset that makes you want to improve even more than before.

A free season could do crazy things for your game! Months on end of just focusing on your skill and development can really help you grow as a player! We love to see that, and we want to help you with your growth as a player.

My Basketball Academy will help you grow as a shooter, passer, dribbler, and overall player.

If you need a complete revamp of your shot, we’ll do just that. If you need help with consistency, we’ll help you in that area as well. If you struggle with dribbling, passing, post moves, or really anything else…


Don’t let not making the team get you down, come work with us and let´s focus on next year or next season and make you the best possible player that YOU can be!


Do you want a chance to go to college for free? Maybe play in front of thousands of fans in a packed arena? The chance to play in March Madness and win a National Championship?

So far we have had a 100% success rate with all of our high school athletes who had the desire to play basketball in college. That is something that not everyone can say, and we pride ourselves on that! 

A statistic that you should know is that only 3% of people who play basketball in high school are given the opportunity to play in college. That number gets even smaller when you talk about having an athletic scholarship. We want to make you a part of that 3%


No problem! Inside our platform you will be able to contact us 24/7. There are slots where you can film yourself from different angles and send it to us in less than 1 minute.

We have put together the platform and the trainers who we would have loved to have when we were your age. Do not waste your time and start working towards your dreams TODAY with US. 

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