How Tall Is Shaq


Shaquille O’Neal, also known as Shaq, Diesel, The Big Aristotle, Superman, Shaq Fu, Shaq Daddy, and Warrior is a former NBA player and one of the greatest to ever play the game in NBA history. 

Shaq was one of the most dominant forces during his career and by far one of the largest players ever. We’re going to go over all of his measurements below, but there were few bigger than Shaq and the only off the top of my head that he played against would be Yao Ming who was actually taller than shaq by multiple inches.

Shaquille O Neal, who is now a tv personality alongside charles barkley and co for TNT, was once considered the most dominant basketball player to ever play the game. 

Shaq was born in the United States in a city called Newark, New Jersey. He attended college at LSU and was drafted by the orlando magic in 1992. 

What is Shaq’s Real Height and Wingspan?

Shaquille O’Neal was listed at 7’1 (SEVEN FEET ONE INCH) coming out of college! During his combine he was also listed to have a wingspan of 7’7 (Seven feet SEVEN inches), thats 6 inches longer than his frame! That is a massive body! And he used every single inch during his terror of the NBA. 

During his career he averaged 10.9 rebounds. 7.4 being defensive rebounds and 3.5 being offensive rebounds. He averaged over 13 rebounds a game three different times and the only reason that his stats are as low (yes, they are low for him) is because he played until he was very old and late in his career he didn’t play as often. 

He also used his height to block a bunch of shots (2,732 shots blocked to be exact), which averages out to 2.3 block shots per game. 

He size, along with his athleticism, made him a monster!

What Shoe Size Does Shaq Wear?

This should come as no surprise to you, but shaq wears a size 23 shoe! That’s probably twice the size of you. Yes, you. 

Those are some massive feet, and if you made me walk in his shoes there is no doubt that I would fall. 

How much does Shaquille Oneal Weight?

Now this is a tricky question. Do you want to know how much he weighed during the main part of his career? How much is he now? What shaq are we looking at?

At the beginning of his career, Shaq was leaner and more athletic than he was towards the prime/end of his career. 

When Shaq was drafted he weighed 303 pounds! That is when he was only a teenager though. 

But if we’re talking about Shaq when he was with the Lakers, Shaw weighed around 325 pounds. 

Young Shaq had a little more bounce, but older Shaq was an absolute UNIT down in the paint and bullied anyone he wanted to. 

How Old is Shaquille Oneal?

Shaquille O’Neal was born March 6, 1972 so at the time of this article he would be 50. But Shaq retired from his playing career when he was 39. 

What position did Shaquille O´Neal play?

Shaquille O Neal played the center position his whole career. He wasn’t able to shoot the ball very well, but what he was able to do was dominate the paint. Getting rebounds and scoring at will on offense and getting rebounds and blocking shots on defense.  



How many rings does Shaq have?

Shaquille O’neal is one of the more decorated NBA Hall Of Famers who is in the NBA Hall of Fame for personal success and not just team success. 

Shaquille O’Neal started his career with the Orlando Magic and wasn’t able to get a ring while he was there. 

In 1996, he decided to join the Los Angeles Lakers where he was able to earn 3 NBA Championships and being Finals MVP all 3 times. With the Lakers he was able to win all 3 NBA championships consecutively, also known as a 3 peat. 

What’s equally important about these championships is that he was able to do it alongside Kobe Bryant. And who was the finals MVP all three times? That’s right, it wasn’t Kobe. It was Shaquille O’Neal. 

After leaving the Lakers, Shaq joined up with Dwayne Wade in Miami for a 3 year spurt and was able to win 1 more championship down there in South Beach. 

This totals his championship rings out at 4 championship rings. 

After his stint in Miami, Shaq began to ring search with just about any team that would take him. 

His career looked like this: 

  • First 4 seasons with Orlando. 
  • 8 seasons with the Lakers (3 Championships)
  • 3.5 seasons with the Heat (1 Championship)
  • 1.5 seasons with the Suns
  • 1 season with the Cavs and Lebron James
  • 1 season with the Celtics.