#1 Coaching Tool: Have all your players in One Place

Download our Team Management APP & Software now to start helping your players get better remotely! Assign your players drills and challenges that you can later verify online and provide them with feedback from wherever you are.

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Why do you need this platform?

To help your players improve you can:

Assign Drills and Challenges to your players

Verify and Give your players feedback

Access Unpmited Drills and Challenges

Customize Every Player ́s Workout

Message Your Player in real time

Keep track of your players progress

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Why did we create this platform?

Dante Lombardi and Cobo Diaz

Dante Lombardi and Cobo Diaz

"We created My Basketball Academy because we saw a need for player development for players everywhere. We noticed that not everyone had access to a personal trainer, whether it was because of time, money, or a trainer near by. Our platform gives you exactly that"

Our mission is to create a platform that is both competitive, challenging, and encouraging. We want to be a place where players go when they want to learn and aren’t afraid of getting scolded for doing something wrong. We also will do our best to give valuable feedback with each question. And lastly we want to create a competitive environment and bring a sense of competition back to working it. We value this highly because we think it creates an advantage for the player.

We've removed the 2 of the Biggest Hurdles You face when coaching:

1. All of your Players in ONE place

2. Access to them 24/7

Here it's how it works:

Create your team

1. Create Your Team

Visit our website by clicking here to create your coaching account in less than one minute!

Add players

2. Add your players to your team

Add up to 12 players to gain access to the team account for you to manage.

Your dashboard

3. Your Dashboard

Control your team from your dashboard.

- Verify player progress

- Watch and correct player videos

- Provide feedback

- Customize Workouts

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