Our Team

Here’s a little introduction to some of the coaches and players that will be helping you out on your journey!

Our coaches are what sets us apart from every other app that may be like ours.

We aren’t all big name trainers who are banking on our name to sell and give you a product that is less than satisfactory.

We are coaches that will care for each and every user like they are our in person clients! We take this very seriously and will provide in depth feedback to our athletes, helping them reach their maximum potential.

Our coaches aren’t just here to give you drills that have made ourselves successful, but here to TEACH these drills and CORRECT our athletes when they mess up. We strive to ENCOURAGE our athletes and help them find a way to be successful!

We watch film consistently to help our athletes, and that is exactly what trainers should do. We also allow access for those who have trainers a few days a week, but would like something more consistent.

With our pricing we are something that you can have alongside your in person trainers at home without breaking the bank.

Here is a closer look at our coaches more in depth: