How to Dribble a Basketball?


Today I´m going to talk about 5 tips that will improve your ball handling in. I wish someone had stressed these to me at a younger age.

How to get better handles in basketball?

If you follow these 5 tips, I will personally guarantee that you will see growth and improvement in your ball handling abilities. As a point guard I´ve always stressed myself over how well I could get at handling the basket. I didn´t necessarily care for all the flare even though it comes naturally as you get better. I always preferred to work on controlling the ball the best that I could.


#1. Don´t worry about losing the ball during drills.

I don´t know where the misconception that everyone needs to be perfect all the time came from, but it is the most common "mistake" that athletes that I´ve trained make.

Losing the ball when you are working on improving your handle is a sign that you are going harder than what your body is used to. If you are going harder your body will naturally adapt. So what was once mistakes because you are going so hard is now the default speed you will use in game.

If you´re afraid to lose the ball when you are PRACTICING that you won´t be getting any better. But if you´re not afraid to make mistakes during practice, this will help you learn how to dribble faster. You will become better and you will perform better when gametime comes.

Don´t be afraid to lose the basketball. Progression is the game, and as long as your taking steps in the right direction, you will improve.

2. Repitition, Repitition, Repitition.

The title is a bit repetitive. Practice makes perfect. The more time you spend on ball handling the better you will get at it. That comes with just about any thing in life.

Now I´m not going to give you some magic number that if you do that many dribbles, or dribble for that many minutes you´ll become a great ball handler. However, there is no secret. Time is money, and the more time you spend the bettter you´ll get.

How to Dribble a Basketball?

Work at your own pace. Just know that if you don´t see progress you´re probably not doing it long enough or as often enough as you think.

Me personally I know that I need to spend about 10 minutes before a workout and 5 minutes after a workout for each workout I complete in a day. I know that if I continually do this then my ball handling will keep PROGRESSING and never degress.


Practicing dribbling the ball with different dribbling drills will make you a better basketball player. Also, adding a defender to steal the ball is a good of training.

3. The game isn´t played with one hand

Working on your left hand is something that should be pounded into kids head at a young age. They do it in europe, and there is a reason that they are typically more skilled players.

You should work on your left hand just as much, if not more, than your right hand. (If your left handed use the same concept with your right hand.)

Come a certain age, there shouldn´t be things you can do dribbling with your dominant hand that you can´t do with your weak hand. If there are moves that are more difficult or you don´t feel as comfortable using the weak hand, that should tell you that you need to spend more on your handles.

4. Not every drill you use is meant to replicate game scenarios

People think that every drill that you do should be able to directly correlate to a game of basketball. And I say no to that when I train and when I train others.

Every drill you do should have a purpose though. And every drill you do should have a concept in it that can directly correlate to a game. But those terms are very loose.

For instance, if you´re working with two basketballs or one ball and a tennis ball, or you are using goggles or weighted balls, or even gloves, then you are still progressing.



I would argue that with any drill that incorporates two balls you are working on dribbling as second nature. It´s not possible for your mind to be thinking about dribbling with both of your hands.

I think that it´s really important for dribbling to become second nature because in a game a player should never have to think about dribbling. They should be thinking about where the dribble can take them, how the defense is playing, or where the help is coming from. This game becomes instinctual when your practice things as second nature.

5. Get out of your comfort zone.

The game of basketball should never be a chore. If you´ve come to the point where working out is no longer fun, spice it up.

Get out of your comfort zone and try attempting some dribble moves you didn´t think you could do. Sure you may never use any of it in a game, but the game should always be fun. And if it´s not fun one day, make it fun. Never forget what got you into the game. basketball coach

I hope that these tips help you in your journey to becoming a better ball handler. If you have anything else you´d like for us to discuss, feel free to comment. We want this to be a tight-knit community, and in order to do so we want you guys to interact with us. Now go out and do some ball handling.

Bring Your "A" Game.

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