3 Tips to Help you become a Sharpshooter in Basketball


What is a sharpshooter in basketball?

A sharpshooter in basketball is simply a player who is known for knocking down shots.

This basketball player is considered to be a lights out shooter, and if they get an open shot everyone in the gym expects them to knock it down. 

Though this player may be good at many different things, this player is known for their ability to shoot. This person specializes in taking and making open catch and shoot 3’s.

Catch and shoot 3’s are typically the most taken shots among sharpshooters, so in order to be one you have to shoot these shots at a high percentage. 

How to become a sharpshooter?

The most important “skill” a sharpshooter has is that they have this belief in themself that every single shot that they shoot is going to go in. Confidence is key to being a good shooter, and is something that can be taught. 

In our opinion it is having superior footwork when receiving the ball. You never know what it takes to get your shot off. Having great footwork makes it easier to get your balance under you and give you an explosive jump through your shot which will help speed up the release. 

Great shooters are able to get into their shots in a handful of different ways. 

  1. They can get into their shots off of a hop, where they are essentially jumping into the catch. 
  2. 1-2 Stepping into their shots. This could be stepping left-right or right-left. WIth either the 1st step coming on the pass, or the first “step” already being planted and taking a step in with the other foot. 
  3. Side Steps are a great way for shooters to get into their shot and are used in a majority of cases from NBA players when shooting in the corner. The shooter starts in a wide stance and brings one foot in towards the other foot. 
  4. They are also good at coming off of screens. Because when you come off of a pin down or a flair, your footwork needs to be different depending on the movement. 

Some other things that a player could work on to become a sharpshooter is work on shooting off of bad passes and delaying their sight on the rim. 

These are two scenarios that happen in games that are out of the shooter´s control, but are things that the shooter can purposely work on during their workout. They can work on taking shots off the move or spot up shots and not look at the rim until you get a catch.This will help simulate a game.

Be shooter ready. The player can also receive bad passes from their partner because in games you won’t always get a good pass, so you need to be able to get into your shot even off of bad passes. 

And, the most important thing that a player can do to become a sharpshooter is shoot hundreds and hundreds of shots every day in practice sessions. Eventually striving to shoot thousands of shots in a day. Having a pre-game shooting routine is also very important.

3 Tips to become a sharpshooter:

Today, we are not going to go over: Shooting hand, feet shoulder width, wrist flexibility... We already wrote an article giving you 5 Tips to Improve your Shooting Mechanics.

Be OVERCONFIDENT in your abilities. 

This means to be so sure of your abilities that if you get an open shot you KNOW that it is going in. And if you miss, you know the next one is going in. Even if you are 0-100.

Confidence just helps you get to the abilities that you’ve worked for. Being overconfident can’t make bad shooters good. 

Work on getting your shot off quicker!

The better shooter you are the less time you’ll have to shoot it (because teams will play you as such). 

You can use some of the tips we gave earlier to speed up your shot. 

Mainly footwork. Knees bent. Ready to Shoot.

If you think you got enough shots up today…

You probably haven´t 

Always want more.

Don’t let anyone outwork you

Top 5 Sharpest Shooters in the NBA 2022

Steph Curry

Although he’s not just a sharp shooter but one of the best shooters in the world, any list that is ranking any type of shooter Steph Curry has to be at the top. 

Cam Johnson

Cam Johnson is a huge reason for the Suns success this year and helps give CP3 and Devin Booker so much space to operate. 

Cam shoots 45% from the 3 point line and out of his 2.7 Made 3’s, 2.5 are off of catch-and-shoot. SNIPER!!

Luke Kennard

Kennard is one of the most underrated shooters in the NBA this year. A crazy stat you almost never see… He shoots the ball with a higher% from 3 than he does from 2 this year. 

He shoots 46.5% on catch-and-shoot 3’s this year making 2.2 a game. He shoots 45% from all 3’s and makes 2.7 a game. 

Patty Mills

Patty Mills is a seasoned vet and has been successful in the role he is playing with Brooklyn this year.

Patty Mills makes 3 3’s a game, while 2.4 of them come off of catch-and-shoot and he shoots 43% from the catch-and-shoot 3’s.

Malik Beasly

Another player that is underrated as a sharpshooter. He’s proven to be one of the best this year!

He shoots a lower percentage than the other guys on catch-and-shoot 3’s, at 38%, but he makes 2.6 of them a game(league leading). 

Honorable Mentions: 

Joe Harris

Although he has been hurt for most of the year he has proved himself through his career and before his injury that he is as lights out as it gets. 

Before injury he was making 2.7 catch-and-shoot 3’s a game while shooting 47%!!

Buddy Hield

Buddy Hield is one of the best shooters in the NBA but just barely misses out on this list. He shoots 39% from catch-and-shoot while making 2.2 a game, but he does make a lot of 3’s off of the bounce for a total of 3.3 3’s a game. 

Duncan Robinson

Although he hasn’t been shooting as high of a percentage this year as in years past, he gets played like he´s still the best shooter in the NBA. 

Klay Thompson

Pre Injury he would have a case at #1 this year. And hoping he can get back to that, but like Joe Harris not enough playing time this year to make the list.

We will talk again in a couple of days but for now... #BringYourAgame