The box out is one of the most traditional, fundamental, and important concepts in the game of basketball. All good rebounding teams are good at boxing out. 

What is a Box Out in Basketball?

A boxout in basketball is when a player, or players, on the defensive team make contact with your opponent when the opposing player takes a shot, in the effort to grab the rebound. 

Why is Boxing Out important?

The box out is really important because in order to be a good rebounding team, every player has to make sure the player they are guarding doesn’t get an offensive rebound.

Rebounding is very much a team effort, and if everyone does their job correctly the ball should be able to bounce and the defensive team should be able to get the ball easily. 


So really good teams are able to box out and rebound at a very high level. The less second chances you give an opposing team, the less shots they have, meaning the less opportunity to score. 

Fundamentals of a great Box Out

With the box out it is important to first see your man then make contact with your man (the offensive player you are guarding) by feeling them with your forearm/elbow, and then turning your back and hitting them again with your butt.

While you turn, you should then be facing the hoop with arms wide so that you can feel if the opposing player is trying to get around you. If they try to get around you it´s your job to move laterally so that they can’t. 

Now, when facing the hoop, you should try and get your eyes on the ball to see where it bounces off the rim. Once that happens you should be in a good rebounding position, and it is a collective effort by the defense to rebound the ball. Incorporating 5 or 10 minutes of rebounding drills can be very beneficial for your team.

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