How to get out of a Shooting Slump?


Everyone who has ever played basketball knows that getting into a shooting slump that is going to happen.

All the greats go through and every beginner will go through them. Sure they may look a little different, but everyone will go through it.

“So what are some things that I can do to get out of a shooting slump?”

This is a great question, and during this blog we will go over some of the things that you should do to get out of your slump. 


Something that may seem pointless and stupid to do but is worth doing is visualization!!

And there are different ways that you can go about this. 

  1. Go to a gym and before you shoot the ball visualize what it looks like for your “perfect shot”. For me I’ll go into the gym and constantly look at the back of the rim and imagine the ball hitting that spot, with good arc, and swishing through the net.

This is important. Because before you even shoot it is as if you had already made dozens, or hundreds, of shots. There have been studies done that your body is unable to tell the difference between visualization and reality. So when you do this before you shoot, your body already thinks that you made shots. 

  1. If you have film of yourself, or a highlight tape of yourself, watch it!! And if you don’t, go watch highlights of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, or some other great shooter. Seeing the ball going in time and time again will help your brain in the same way as the first example.

Visualization may seem like it is something that isn’t necessary for you and it just isn’t “your thing”. And that’s okay, I understand. I was that way as well for a long time until I did my own research on it and decided to try it out with an open mind.

And it worked!!

Try this out along with some of these other steps...


Practice and repetition are the most important ways to get out of a slump. You need to not only visualize yourself making shots, you also need to physically make shots.

It’s best to do this by starting in close to the hoop and getting your shot perfected. Also known as form shooting. 

This will help with muscle memory and just seeing the ball go in. Its much easier to make shots consistently at a close range than at the 3 point line. So its important to start close, see the ball go in at a high percentage, and then move back SLOWLY. 

When in a slump, do NOT be in a hurry to get back to where you were before the slump started. Rushing it is no way to get out of a slump. You must be like a stone cutter. Chipping away until it finally starts to click again.  

When it begins to feel good again and you’re making shots at a high percentage, then you are able to move back. This will help you out so much when trying to get out of a slump. 

Short Term Memory Loss

This is a must have for any shooter! Not just the players that are in a shooting slump. But we’re going to go over why you must have it, or practice it, to get out of a slump. 

All great shooters talk about have short term memory loss when it comes to shooting because they put their misses behind them. This is important because when you are thinking of missing, when you shoot, you will miss. 

The power of the mind is so so so important.

The best way to practice this is to constantly think of the next shoot when you shoot, and not about the last shot.

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If the lost shot felt awkward and it felt like something went way wrong… stop thinking about it. Think about the next shot that you are going to shoot. Your body´s muscle memory is amazing, it is capable of shooting without thinking about it once you’ve shot for so many years!

Next time you shoot, keep a positive energy and always think about the next shot. It’s what all great shooters do.  

Ray Allen made this famous. He would always say that it didn’t matter if he missed his first 10 shots he always believed that number 11 would go in. 

The only way that this is possible is if he simply forgets about the first 10 and thinks his next one is going in. 

Think about your next shot

When you’re going through a shooting slump it could be one of the most frustrating things going on in your life at that moment.  Your shot could feel completely awful or it could feel good and just not go in, however, it’s possible to get out of this. 

Practice your shot and start with the basics.

Go back to form shooting and find your feel. Start Visualizing your shot going in. Watch highlights, watch some of the greats, and just imagine your shot going in before you even shoot.

And lastly, forget the past.

Forget what happened last week, stop talking about your slump, and when you’re shooting forget about the shots just missed. Think about the next shot, and how it’s going to go in.

Use these tools to help you get out of your slump and start being GREAT.

Bring your A Game!!