Basketball Passing Drills


The ability to pass is one of the most underrated and fundamental skills in the game of basketball. Some players are able to make the spectacular pass that goes right into the offensive player’s “shooting pocket” and people are wowed, but don’t realize the difficulty of the pass. 

How do you get better at passing?

Passing is so much more than it appears. To be an elite passer it is important to pass the ball at the correct time (good timing), and for the ball to be received in a good position (accurate pass). And in order to do those, many things need to take place. 

In this article we are going to be talking about how you can become a better passer. This article can be beneficial for any reader, whether you’re a big post player or you’re the point guard. Whether you’re new to basketball or you’re trying to get more minutes on a college basketball team. 

What are the 3 tips for passing a basketball?

Beginner basketball players: 

The ball will move faster than the player. So if you’re dribbling up the court and you have a teammate that is farther up the court waiting to receive a pass, you should pass it so that they can catch the ball to attack the basket. 

The basis for having good passing skills is to have good “passing technique”. What that mainly means is that the passer needs to snap their wrist when “throwing/passing” the ball. This will help the ball have some extra steam on it and get to the teammate faster. 

It’s best to practice both 1 and 2 handed passes. Coaches, if you’re listening it’s important to practice all types of passes at an early stage. 

But, it’s also important to tell young players not to actually pass with only one hand until it is SUPER COMFORTABLE. 1 handed passes are TERRIBLE to use until you can become good with it, then once you are good with them they are far SUPERIOR to two handed passes. So spend time on BOTH 1 and 2 handed passes. 

  1. These types of passing drills will include bounce pass and chest pass primarily. Overhead 1 handed passes are a more advanced pass that should be worked on as the player advances. 

Advanced hoopers: 

  1. As advanced basketball players you should begin to WORK ON a higher level of difficulty with your passes. This means that you practice it just like any other skill, you don’t just try to do them in games and assume they will work. 

These passes could include a hook pass, overhead pass, behind the back pass, behind the back bounce pass, and more. But it’s important to get a friend or use a wall and practice these passes. 

  1. In order to become a good passer there are two things that need to be good. You need to have a good/on time pass, and the pass needs to be in a good/accurate position. Passes at players´ feet or over their head need to be minimized. If the pass doesn’t give your teammate an advantage, it wasn’t a good pass. 
  2. Don’t only pass the ball if you can get an assist for it. “Hockey assists” don’t count on the stat sheet, but hockey assists do help you win games. You also should be good and quick with ball reversals because those are a big part in getting your teammates big advantages. 

How can I improve my passing skills in basketball?

You can improve your passing with two simple things, a ball and a wall. Using a wall to practice passing is something that I did for YEARS to help me become a better passer. It may look silly, but passing is a skill that needs endless repetition. 

You can also improve your passing with friends. You and your friend(s) can get a ball and just work on different styles of passes to one another. You can begin to incorporate some dribbling before the pass, or work on different game scenarios.

Passing with a friend makes it a little less tedious and more fun. Passing can also be done while rebounding for your friend, when rebounding you can work on your ability to give good, accurate passes for their shot and vice versa. 


If you are a basketball coach and you think that your team is poor in this area of the game you need to spend time doing passing drills with your team. Basketball passing drills are not a waste of time, and the best times work on execution.

Getting to spots, knowing where your teammates are going to be, and delivering a good pass for your teammate to gain an advantage to score. Being able to move the ball will result in a lot more shots that are open shots, and a higher team shooting %. 

Passing drills in basketball that will help you get better:

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We are happy that we’re able to help all of our athletes get to the next level in their basketball journey, and hope to see you with us soon. 

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