What is Kevin Durant’s Shoe Size?


Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant is one of the best players the NBA has ever seen. His ability to move the way that he does at his size is impressive. He might be listed as a Small Forward/Power Forward, but Kevin Durant is anything but a “forward”, KD is just a big guard.

KD lists himself at 6’10, but how tall is he really? Look here for more

Kevin Durant Feet size

Is his height the only thing that he is lying about? There’s a lot of people that critique Durant’s shoe size. But I don’t think he’s lying, deceiving, or trying to trick us.



Durant wears a size 18 shoe. But it’s believed that he wears size 18 because he likes extra room in his shoes to feel lighter and less restricted. So what could his actual shoe size be?

Once you get to a certain level they don’t make half sizes, so could he wear a 17? I think only he knows. 

Either way, not that many NBA players wear that size shoe. Not Kyrie, not Lebron, and definitely not Steph Curry. 

Regardless of shoe size KD is one of the best basketball players in the world. But when you’re talking about shoe size it brings up an interesting thought. Do big feet hinder a basketball player? What if because their feet are so big that it´s easier for them to be stepped on the line.

So picture this… You’re down 3, but you hit a big shot. But it’s changed to a 2 because your foot stepped on the line. Probably much easier for that not to happen with players with smaller feet. 

KD Signature Shoe

Because Kevin Durant is such a great player he has his own signature shoe with Nike that is now on his 15th year! These shoes are meant to feet Durant’s feet, and form to the shape of his foot. 

And size 18 is very large, but what if you wear size 20 shoes? Unfortunately, you’re going to have to start getting special shoes. Because on the Nike site, the KD 15’s only go to size 18. Fitting, as Kevin Durant wears a size 18.


Despite his impressive height and athleticism, Kevin Durant has faced criticism for his shoe size. Some have questioned whether his size 18 shoes are a result of a desire for extra room in his footwear or if he simply has larger-than-average feet.

It is worth noting that shoe size can vary based on the brand, style, and type of shoe, and it is not uncommon for professional athletes to wear larger sizes due to the demands of their sport and the need for added support and stability.



It is also worth considering the impact that shoe size can have on a basketball player´s performance. Some have argued that larger feet can make it more difficult to maneuver on the court and increase the risk of stepping out of bounds or onto the line. However, it is important to remember that shoe size is just one factor among many that contribute to a player´s success. Kevin Durant´s impressive skill and talent have allowed him to excel in the sport regardless of his shoe size.

In addition to his success on the court, Kevin Durant has also made a name for himself in the world of footwear. His signature shoe line with Nike, the KD 15, has been highly popular and successful, with several different styles and colorways released over the years.

The shoes are designed to fit Durant´s feet and form to the shape of his foot, offering comfort and support during gameplay. However, it is worth noting that the KD 15 line only goes up to size 18, indicating that those with larger feet may need to seek out special or custom shoes.

Overall, Kevin Durant´s shoe size may be a topic of discussion among fans and critics, but it is just one aspect of his impressive career as a professional basketball player. His skill and talent on the court, along with his successful signature shoe line, have solidified his place as one of the best players in the NBA.

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