How to Fix your JumpShot?


So we’ve had a few posts talking about some of the non-negotiables you need for your jump shot and some things that vary depending on your body.

How to fix your Jumpshot?

 Now, we’re going to talk about some of the best ways how you could improve your jumpshot in basketball everyday

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition...

There is no secret about this! Any great shooter you ask will say the same thing. The more shots you can get up every day, every week, every month the better you will be at shooting. 

Yes, it is still very important that you get up good quality shots, but quantity is what we’re looking for here. 

Quantity is what will help you get muscle memory. And muscle memory is what will make you have the same shot every time without having to think about it. 

The goal in basketball is to play as much as you can instinctively, the less you have to think about the fundamentals of the game like dribbling and shooting, the more you can think about some of the more advanced parts of the game. 

Repetition is the most important and is why you should find time every day to do something with a basketball. 

It’s also important to have off days (which we will be going over in a different blog post about physical health) but even on your off days there are ways to get better while still giving your body rest. 

Simply playing around with the ball to keep a good feel of it, or standing still or sitting, and shooting at a target that is directly in front of you is good. 

WIthout repetition there is no chance you’ll be a good shooter, let alone a great shooter. Let’s get from good to Great!

Shoot On The Move

Shooting on the move is something that I don’t think enough people practice at a young age. Or if it is practiced, it is not practiced correctly. 

Shooting on the move is much more from going from point A to point B and then shooting. 

When you practice shooting on the move you have to take some things into account. The reason why you practice this is so that you can practice your balance and locating the rim

2a. Balance

Balance is key to having a good shot. WIthout good balance you’ll never be consistent. Consistency is about doing the same thing over and over in the same way. If you can’t have balance, the way you jump on your jumpshot won’t be consistent. 

Balance is a good thing to practice because you can never have too much balance.

Shooting on the move is a good way to practice balance because if you’re going hard enough from point A to point B, you will have (at first) a hard time stopping and gathering yourself (the balance) in order to jump up in the air and maintain control. 

2b. Locating the rim

As we’ve talked about in another blog post, locating the same part of the rim is a non-negotiable. 

So being able to go from point A to point B, while keeping your eyes on what’s happening in the game, and be able to catch the ball, locate the rim, and then shoot  as quickly as possible is a skill that more players should practice. 

It needs to be practiced often because this is not a skill that comes naturally to most. This is why you’ll see players at lower levels get to point B and stop, get set, look at the rim, and shoot.

It’s the same process, but the goal is to speed up the process and make it second nature. And the only way to do that is by practice!


This is something that very few are good at, but that no one has an excuse for being bad at. (Unless you’re just not a good shooter.)

Fatigue is something that will eventually affect every player, the only difference is at what point in the game and after how many minutes. 

The greats are able to have such good body conditioning that they are able to shoot through fatigue. 

And with practice, everyone could be able to shoot through fatigue. Mind over Matter

The only problem is that not a lot of people when they are working out want to do extra sprints at the end and then get more shots up. 

This is important because being able to shoot with tired legs, or even condition your legs so they are less tired at the end of games, is what could be the difference in a buzzer beater going in or being hitting the front of the rim and missing. 

It’s a game of inches, and you can get that extra inch with a little more work. 

Could this be a game changer on your path to success?


But this is what separates the good from the Great! The greats go the extra mile to be great, and the good are content with just being good. 

We want you to be GREAT!

If this idea of being great intrigues you we have a motivation blog post about getting from good to Great, and you should check it out!

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