Basketball Dribbling Drills


When you talk about the most important basketball skill to work on, the answer is clearly between shooting and dribbling.

However, I’d make the case that it has to be dribbling. When you work on dribbling you work on the feel for the ball more than anything else. That feel then translates to every part of the game. Shooting, passing, catching, finishing, etc. 

5 Tips To Become Better at Dribbling in Basketball

When working on dribbling it´s important to note these 5 tips that will help you grow as a player, not only in the drills but in real games. 

Bend your Knees-Chest Up

Now this seems obvious, but a lot of people do it wrong. When doing drills a lot of people will put their butt back like they are sitting on a seat.

That’s not what we want. We want butt down like you’re bringing it closer to your heels and your knees over your toes. This is how we want you to bend your knees. Your chest should also be up. This is for a better center of gravity and this will also help with #2. Your shoulders can go down, but your chest should stay up. 

Eyes up

It’s okay to have them down at the beginning of drills to see the movement and grow your hand eye coordination. However, once it gets comfortable we need you to have your eyes up. 

Don’t be Prideful

You shouldn’t care if you ever mess up! Messing up means you’re going harder than you normally can. When you do this your body will naturally catch up, but mistakes will happen along the way there. Don’t worry about the mistakes, just keep getting better. 

Don’t be stiff

This is hard to notice when you’re by yourself but this is important. Your whole body should be moving when you’re dribbling. Your weight should be shifting from one leg to the other, your arms should be flowing. You should never look like a robot when dribbling. 

So now that you know 5 things to keep in mind when you are doing basketball driblling drills. Let´s dive into the 5 MOST IMPORTANT DRIBBLING DRILLS to improve ball handling: 

5 Basketball Dribbling Drills To Work On Everyday

These are just drills to improve your handle that you should be doing every day. We’ll only mention the ones that you can do with 1 ball seeing that not everyone has access to 2. 

Handle without dribbling:

This includes ball slaps, ball taps, and ball wraps. All of which can be found on our youtube channel here.

 Stationary Pounds

Take these pounds at various levels. You want to try and put a hole through the ground so you need to pound the ball as hard as you can under some control. This is a great place to get out of your comfort zone. 

Kyrie Crosses

These are where you keep doing crossover dribbles back and forth at a pace of your choosing. It’s important to work on your ankle and knee mobility during these. 


These can only be found on our app.


Timed Challenges

This is technically more than one, but challenging yourself is going to be the cause of your success. Download the app and work with us so that you can see all of the timed challenges we have for you to compete in.


These are just more drills to work on your dribbling skills so that you can dribble the ball through traffic, around your defender, and help you put it in the hoop. 

Figure 8’s

This is going to help your fingers grow in strength, work on keeping the dribbling moves low, and putting the ball between your legs. Pretty simple drill that can be found on our app or on youtube. 


This is a drill that can be found on our app.

Double Moves

Here you can do any combination of dribbling moves that you want. It’s important to go through the moves at game speed and shift your weight side to side. Any combo is good as long as you are going game speed.


Windshield Wipers

This is good for single hand control. Make sure you do it with your left hand as well. But you will just go side to side with the ball, like a crossover, but you will only be using one hand.


This drill can only be found on the app and is one that should be done every day for the aspiring basketball player. This will make anyone dribble like a point guard and have you move the ball faster than ever before. 


Most of these dribbling drills are high level. However, if you want to try them we encourage you to do so and even if you don’t get it you will be getting better. 

Pounds Dribble / Alternating Pounds

This is the same as above but working on both hands. When alternating make sure you’re keeping the same rhythm at the high pounds as you are with the low pounds. 

Windshield WIpers

Same as above but you will be working in sync with both hands. Going side to side. Do this high and low. 


Can only be found on the app

Figure 8’s

Same as above but with two balls

Double Moves

This is explained further on the app. 

The drills on the app are great for people of all ages and skill levels. They are drills proven to help athletes earn a college scholarship and play basketball at the next level. We hope to see you using some of these drills, and we would love to see you on the app. 


We can wait to work with you, and LETS GET BETTER TOGETHER!


Dribbling drills are so important because when you can dribble well you give yourself a chance to do everything else at a high level as well. 

If you’re better at dribbling you will give yourself a chance to be better at shooting. This is because if I can dribble well, that means I have good control over the ball, which means that when I’m prepping to shoot I have a good feel, can get it where I want, how I want, and release it how I want. That leads to a lot of makes.

The same goes for every other aspect of the game. It will help you finish around the hoop better, it will help you pass the ball more accurately, and if you’re a big that struggles with catching the ball then it will help you drastically too.