5 Must-Have Traits that YOU need to become an ELITE Shooting Guard


When you think of shooting guards you might think of some of the greatest players of all time like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant and rightfully so.   The shooting guard, or could also be known as a wing, off guard, 2-guard, or a combo guard if they have the ability to play both the shooting … Read more

📘1-3-1 Zone Defense. Full Coaching Guide Updated 2021


The 1-3-1 Zone Defense is a unique defense that is run in many different levels. Position players are between the player and the basket. In contrast, this type of defense forces the offense to throw lob passes over the defense. ADVANTAGES Offense Must Adapt Causes Confusion Great For Transition Offense DISADVANTAGES Corners and High Post … Read more

The TOP 5 Must-Have Requirements of Every Point Guard


What is a Point Guard? For the people that are here because they are trying to impress someone, or simply just learn the game of basketball we’ll do a short break down for you.  A point guard is like the general of the team. He will usually bring the ball up the floor and tell … Read more

Why Having The Right Attitude When Coaching is Important!


Today we will be discussing ¨Why having the right attitude when coaching is important¨! Whether in a practice session or in a match, coaches working with young players must have an objective, constructive and positive attitude towards their players and the referees. Coaching in games can be a frustrating task, because even though they may … Read more

Why Shooting Free Throws Should be Easy? How to improve them?


What is it? Definition. In basketball , a free throw is a type of shot with specific characteristics . It is carried out from the same place always. How far is the free throw line? The free throw line is located 4.60 meters from the basket and 5.80m from the baseline. When it’s made? We will have the opportunity to take … Read more

Why is Luka Doncic So Hard to GUARD?🔥(VIDEO Analysis Breakdown)


Luca Doncic is one of the most prolific offensive players in the NBA today! He’s only in his third year in the NBA and looks like a seasoned vet when he’s on the court. At the age of only 22, Luca is AVERAGING 29 points and 9 assists per game!! That’s unbelievable that he is … Read more