The Importance of Basketball Training


The idea of a basketball trainer for the average basketball player is a relatively new concept.

Coaches have been around forever and professional players have always had people who will work them out, or at least rebound for them, but these people have always just been old coaches or local coaches. 


The idea that people are now making careers out of just doing basketball trainings is great for the game of basketball. People who have great basketball minds and are putting their brain power towards the individual progress of one person, rather than a coach that has to worry about a whole team or x’s and o’s. 


A basketball trainer puts the player through basketball drills that will enhance that player’s ability to play the game through specific training. Drills will consist of, but not limited to, shooting drills and ball handling drills. This person should specialize in certain movements and drills that will make the player grow at a rapid pace. 

Who Needs A Basketball Trainer? 

The simple answer?

Everyone. Every basketball player  that wants to get better at basketball should use a basketball trainer. It’s as simple as that. 

If you’re a professional, a high school player, or even if you’re a youth player a trainer can and will happen. 

Example 1: 

For instance I was at a youth basketball event where there were girls games going on.

A team was waiting and a group of girls were in the corner trying to put the basketball between their legs. I went over there and offered up some free advice. After a few minutes every girl was getting it down consistently. Some of them said they had been trying for weeks, and I was able to solve the problem in minutes. 

Who knows how long it could have been for them to get it figured out consistently, but a good trainer can speed up the process and clean everything up. We will teach them from the ground up and build their fundamentals and make the game easier. 

Example 2

A high school player came to me after his junior year of high school because he had ambitions to play in college and he wanted to earn a scholarship so that he could continue his dream. 

As a junior he was a starter on his team and he had some success but he really struggled with getting to the next level. He didn’t really have anyone recruiting him and that was discouraging to him. 

All summer long we worked on everything he needed in order to become a better shooter and a better point guard. We worked tirelessly on changing his mechanics so that he could become a more consistent shooter and worked on his dribbling so that he could get by his defender easier. 

By the end of summer I was confident in his ability, now he just had to perform in games and put everything we worked on in the summer to the test! 

He had a really successful season, gaining accolades after accolades and going far in the state tournament. After the season he had the OPTION to pick from a handful of schools to see where he wanted to go. He went from having nothing to having options.

Could he have done that by himself?


But I have a 100% success rate of my athletes reaching the next level if they’ve worked with me for more than a summer. Now this was done in just a summer and a season, but it shows that working with a trainer can help. 

If wanting to play in college is a dream that you have, we highly suggest working with me or one of our other trainers that we have on our platform. We are all experienced with players of all ages all the way up to the professionals we work with every summer, and want to help you get there as well! 

On the app you get access to us every day of the month for less than a price of a 1hr workout with a trained professional. 


Example 3

Another story is a college basketball player was having struggles shooting the 3. Their sophomore year they weren’t even allowed to shoot 3’s unless they were wide open. 

They attempted around 20 3’s on the year and only shot 21%. If you know basketball you know that’s not very good and that’s a good enough reason not to want a player to shoot 3’s at all. But they kept playing because they excelled in other areas. 

I worked with them all summer long on their mechanics, release, and confidence  and going into the next season they were a really good shooter and they knew it. 

They ended the season averaging over 2 MADE 3 point field goals a game, shooting 42 PERCENT on the year! 

In just one summer I was able to double their shooting percentage and make them one of the best shooters in the conference.


Trainers are very good to work with, and we would be happy to work with you from anywhere in the world with our App. On our app we let you work with our trainers virtually for a very low fee! 


Our main goal is to see lives changed through basketball. We believe that if you work with us we can change your life drastically, and we can’t wait to see your improvement.