Shooting Game Beat the PRO. Basketball Shooting Drill


Today we’re going to be explaining a short drill that you can do by yourself or with a teammate, friend, or family member. 

It’s called BEAT THE PRO

There are various levels that you can attempt with this drill. Depending on your skill level, you can start with whichever level suits you best. Continue to challenge yourself but make it attainable. 

Beat the Pro Shooting Beginner Drill: Tyler Herro Addition

Your makes count as 1 point.

Your misses count as 1 point.

You go until one of these scores hits 14

You have to continue to do the drill until your makes beat your misses. In order to do this you need to shoot at least 50% from a maximum 28 shots!

Example 1: ✅=makes ; ❌=misses

✅✅❌✅❌❌✅✅✅❌❌✅✅✅❌✅✅❌❌✅✅✅= WINNER

Makes=14 Misses =8. 

This person made 14 shots before they missed 14 shots. This person beat the beginning level of Pro Shooting (Tyler Herro Addition) 

Example 2: 

✅✅✅✅✅❌❌❌✅✅❌❌❌❌❌✅❌❌✅❌❌✅✅❌✅❌ =FAILED

Makes=12 Misses=14

This person missed 14 shots before they made 14 shots. This person has failed to beat Tyler Herro, and is highly recommended to go again until they win!

Pro Shooting Intermediate: 

Your makes count as 1 point. (+1)

Your misses subtract 1 point. (-1)

You go until you get a score of 14 or if you go into the negative after 5 shots. 

This drill can take a little longer, and is a little more difficult than the beginning stage. 

Example 1: 

M=Makes m=misses . The number in the () will show the shooter’s score. 

✅(1),✅ (2), ✅(3), ✅(4), M✅5), ❌(4), ✅(5), ✅(6), ❌(5), ❌(4), ✅(5), ✅(6), ✅(7), ✅(8), ✅(9), ✅(10), ❌(9), ✅(10), ✅(11), ✅(12), ✅(13), ❌(12), ✅(13), ✅(14) = WINNER

This person beat Tyler Herro. His score hit positive 14 before it went into the negatives. 

Example 2: 

❌(-1), ❌(-2), ✅(-1), ✅(0), ✅(1), ✅(2), ❌(1), ❌(0), ✅(1), ❌(0), ❌(-1) = FAILED

This player lost to Tyler Herro and should go again until they win. They were unable to stay in the positives after their 5th shot. 

This drill is beneficial for shooters because it is important to see the ball go in as much as possible. The more you see the ball go in the hoop with consecutive shots, the better!

Pro Shooting Difficult: 

Your makes count as 1 point. (+1)

Your misses subtract 2 points. (-2)

Scoring is the same as intermediate. You will go until you get a score of 14 or your score is in the negatives after 5 shots. 

Misses hurt, but consecutive misses will make you lose. It’s important that after you miss one shot you really focus and lock in so that your next shot will go in. 


✅ (1), ✅(2), ✅(3), ✅(4), ✅(5), ✅(6), ❌ (4), ✅(5), ❌(3), ✅(4), ✅(5), ✅(6), ✅(7), ✅(8), ✅(9), ✅(10), ❌(8), ✅(9), ✅(10), ✅(11), ✅(12), ✅(13), ❌(11), ✅(12), ✅(13), ✅(14). = WINNER

This person was able to beat Tyler Herro.

Example 2: 

✅(1), ✅(2), ✅(3), ❌(1), ✅(2), ❌(0), ❌(-2) =FAILED

This person was unsuccessful in beating Tyler Herro. We suggest that they keep trying this stage as long as they were able to beat the level before. 

This drill is great and brings some fun to workouts. It relies on players shooting clutch shots and being consistent. 

It’s an added fun dimension when you can compare it to an NBA player. If you want to adjust the drill a little, change the player and make their jersey number the score

If you are struggling to beat this drill, check out our blog post on how to move from good to great #g2G.

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