The goal in basketball is to be able to put the ball in the basket. However, In the game of basketball there´s one thing that you do now want to hear when you are shooting, and that is “air ball”. Air ball’s are not a good thing to have. 

What is an Air Ball in basketball?

An air ball is when you shoot your shot and not only does it not go in, but it also doesn’t hit the rim or backboard. And if you’re shooting a basketball and it doesn’t even hit the rim, that means you, or the person shooting, has some work to do. 

Great thing about that is we have a help that is designed to help. 


What Goes Into An Air Ball? 

There are a lot of different factors that go into why people shoot air balls. When people are getting ready to take a shot, sometimes there is a defender that is trying to block your shot and distracts you from the hoop. 

With this scenario though, if the defender does block the shot and the ball doesn’t touch the rim or touch the backboard, it is not considered an air ball. This is because someone blocked your shot, but if it isn’t touched then it is an air ball. 

Sometimes the shot clock is running low and a player is being forced to shoot the basketball even if they are not ready to shoot. But the player shoots to try and make sure their team gets a shot up, and sometimes this looks more like a throw than a shot. Either way, in this scenario, the ball has to touch the rim or it´s an air ball. 

What To Know About Air Balls? 

Here are some important things to know about air balls in regards to questions that are usually asked: 

Is an Airball a Turnover?

Air Balls are not considered turnovers. They are only considered missed field goals. (airball basketball)

Can you rebound your own Airball?

You are allowed to rebound your own airball. Coincidentally, the offensive team is actually more likely to get the rebound of air balls. 

Does the Shot Clock reset on an Airball?

The shot clock does not reset on air balls. It is supposed to keep counting down until the ball hits the rim or there is a change of possession.

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