What is Triple Threat position in Basketball? Fundamentals


What is a triple threat position in basketball?

The Triple Threat is a basketball term as old as time! And even with the game changing this is an idea that has stayed relatively the same

Even though basketball players use it differently, and the options that come from it have become more complex the idea has stayed the same. 


A triple threat is a term used in the game of basketball to describe how you are standing while the basketball is in your hands. 

Mastering The Triple Threat

When you’re in a triple threat, you are a THREAT to do THREE different options.

The options include: Shooting, Passing, and Dribbling. 

And out of the “triple threat stance” you should be in a position where you can excel at all three options. 

What can I do out of it?

The idea is that while I have the ball I want to keep my defender guessing. The best way to do this is to have a number of different options of things I can do while I have the ball. 

If I’m standing with the ball and I haven’t taken a dribble yet, I can do one of three things. In a good triple threat position I can:

I can shoot.

So if my defender is playing defense on me but he isn’t that close to me and he doesn’t have a hand up, I can shoot or pump fake.

HAND DOWN MAN DOWN!! (A great saying when a defender is being lazy and you make a shot right in his/her face.)

I can pass.

Maybe the defender is playing good defense, but our team is running a play. It is my job to be ready to pass the ball on time to put my teammates in the best position to score

I can dribble.

If the defender is playing really aggressively and there is open space behind them, it could be best to dribble the ball. Sometimes with an aggressive defender a simple dribble move to get by can lead to an easy two points for your team. 

What are the advantages of the basketball triple threat position?

The biggest advantage of the triple threat for the offensive player is that it gives you so many options. If you already started to dribble, you can’t get back into triple threat. 

And if you catch the ball and start dribbling right away, the other aspects of the game become harder. 

It becomes harder to shoot off the dribble than if you were just to shoot a stationary shot. Percentages go down for many players when they are forced to shoot off the dribble. The highest percentage jump shot in the game of basketball is still off of the catch and shoot

It becomes harder to pass the ball quickly off the dribble than if you were stationary. If you were dribbling you may have to come to a complete stop in order to make an accurate pass, and that is slower than passing from the triple threat. And if you are going to try and move and pass at the same time, it becomes harder to give your teammates an accurate pass.

Where can you use this move?

The great thing about this move is that you can use it anywhere on the court!

If you’re a guard that catches the ball on the 3 point line you can get into triple threat. If you’re a big and you catch it on the block you can turn towards the hoop and get into triple threat as well. 

The move is very versatile and every player should try and master it at a young age. As they master it they will see their other abilities rise and the speed of the game to slow down. 

What is the best way to do a triple threat?

A triple threat is a simple move and can be done many different ways. But for the people that are just learning the game or in high school we suggest you start in the most basic way possible. 

We suggest starting using your non dominant foot as your pivot foot. So if you’re right handed and you shoot with your right hand, we suggest that you use your left foot as your pivot foot. 

We suggest that you hold that ball in the same way that you would shoot the ball. So one hand would be behind the ball, and the other on its side. This allows for you to shoot right away, pass right away, or put a dribble down if need be. 

We lastly suggest that you keep the ball in your shooters pocket. So if you are right handed that is usually on the right side of your hip. This will allow you to get into any of the three options quickly. 

The whole time you practice this move keep your eyes up and your knees bent. This move will only work if you’re a threat to do all three things. And if your eyes are down you are no longer a threat to pass or shoot the ball. 

If you are practicing with a defender and are passed the learning stages of the basic concepts try and throw in some jab steps and ball fakes. The jab step is another move that we will break down in another blog, so stay tuned!

This will keep the defender even more off guard and will give you more open options to pass, shoot, or dribble.

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